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Direct Mail Management

The Atlantis Direct Mail Management System is database software and services programmed and designed by Digital Matrix International for the Direct Mail Industry.

Atlantis and the DMI team can help you perform every function necessary to your Direct Mail business, including Data Hygiene, Data Selects, Fulfillments, Inventory Control, Response Entry, Reporting...and More!


Teams of people all over the world use the Atlantis Mail Management software and database services. Here's what one caging professional had to say:

"As a caging and keypunch facility, we have worked with many data entry systems and Atlantis is the fastest and easiest to use. We can quickly train new keyers to use Atlantis and if we have questions or issues, the Digital Matrix team is quick to respond or resolve them. I would recommend them to anyone!"
-Silvia, International Account Manager, Trends


Direct Mail consultants, managers, and company owners love Atlantis for its versatility and efficiency. Here is what one consultant and long-time Atlantis user said:

"Atlantis is the best all-in-one direct marketing tool I have ever used. With it, I can manage all aspects of my mailing campaigns easily and efficiently, and most important, cost effectively."
-Drew, Direct Marketing Consultant


Direct mail professionals who use Atlantis are impressed by its robust capabilities and features. Here is what one experienced marketer had to say:

"The Atlantis system is by far the most comprehensive and advanced Direct Mail management system available on the market. Dennis and his team have created an invaluable tool for Direct Mailers."
-Kris, JR Direct Response

Take A Look!

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The Atlantis software Dashboard can be customized to display the company stats most important to you!
Any report in Atlantis is always at your fingertips. If you don't see the report you need, we can customize one for you!
The Atlantis list rental system and services ensure your list orders are processed accurately and quickly. You can even give your brokers web access to approve and release them!
Detailed mail schematics ensure your back end mailings and fulfillments go out automatically, right on schedule!
View every detail of your customer's response history in the Atlantis customer service system.
You'll love the Atlantis Data Entry System! Each findercode is linked to the customer and job and all the customer information pulls up on the screen when the response is keyed.
The Atlantis Campaign System is capable of all promotion types, from MIOs, sweepstakes and skill contests, to product and catalog sales!
The Atlantis fuzzy logic dedup system and advanced Japanese standardization and transliteration processes are second to none! 
With the Atlantis Inventory System, you'll always know the quantities of your mailing pieces and products.

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VoIP Phones

phone_systems_for_las_vegas_business4DigiStar Phone Systems

Looking for a reliable, affordable phone system for your Las Vegas business?

Our DigiStar phone system is scalable and affordable, with more features than the big-name phone systems, but without the big price.

Find out why it's the last phone system you'll ever have to buy.  

smilie_woman_on_phone Compare  Features to our Competitors:

  • Remote Extensions
  • Digital Receptionist
  • Call Conferencing
  • Individual Voicemail
  • Call Reports
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • And much more!

Smile_guy_with_phoneSystem Prices

Compare our prices to our competitors and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

You don't have to sacrifice the features you want to have a price you can afford. We realize every business's needs are different, so be sure to contact us for a custom quote.

Telephone Options

We recommend Polycom brand phones for use with the DigiStar phone system for your Las Vegas business. Their quality, versatility, and price make them an excellent value.

We also have refurbished phones available to help you reduce your phone system cost.

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