Sunday, July 31, 2016

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  • Every detail of your Global Direct Mail Campaigns is at your fingertips with the Atlantis Mail Management software System. Read More
  • The Atlantis Data Entry System is easy and fast for keypunchers and provides real time results reports for you. Read More
  • Everything from special selects to data segmentation is handled with ease by Atlantis and our experienced team. Read More
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Important News!

  • Gather More Customer Data! >

    We've added another new feature in Atlantis! We now have the ability to add custom fields to the Customer Master Read More
  • Get Ready to Increase Your Sales! >

    We are happy to announce a new feature in our Atlantis Software System! In addition to our web-based Order Entry Read More
  • Multiple Pricepoints Just Got Easier! >

    The ability to have multiple pricepoints in a single job gives customers more flexibility and control over their direct mail Read More
  • New Enhanced Purchase Order Function! >

    One of the great things about Atlantis is its robust Inventory System. From tracking quantities to reordering parts with purchase Read More
  • New Job Costing Screen! >

    Tracking your mailing expenses is essential to your direct mail business's success. Atlantis has long had the ability to track Read More
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Atlantis Quick Look

  • The Atlantis fuzzy logic dedup system and advanced Japanese standardization and transliteration processes are second to none! Read More
  • With the Atlantis Inventory system, you'll always know the quantities of your mailing pieces and products, right down to print shop spoilage. Read More
  • The Atlantis Campaign System is capable of all promotion types, from sweepstakes and skill contests, to product sales and fund raising. Read More
  • The Data Entry System links each findercode to the customer and job and all the data pulls up on the screen when the response is keyed. Read More
  • With the robust Atlantis CRM system, you can view every detail of your customer's response history in the Customer Service screens. Read More
  • Detailed mail schematics ensure your back end mailings and fulfillments go out automatically, right on schedule! Read More
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Fast Web based Data Processing!


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Watch our tutorial video featuring the new search function in Atlantis!

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QueryWe've just released another long-awaited feature in Atlantis! You can now make custom selections for your companies and generate your own counts!

Many customers have asked us for the ability to generate counts themselves so that they can adjust the number of days, or multi-buyers, or other parameters, to see how it affects their numbers.

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What are pillars? They are supports on which a structure stands. Without them, there is no structure - be it a building or a business.

At Digital Matrix, we stand on four pillars:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Control
  • Trust
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Business man and woman on computer2One of the great things about Atlantis is its robust Inventory System. From tracking quantities to reordering parts with purchase orders, you can do it all in Atlantis. But good things can be made even better and we've done just that with our latest enhancement to the Purchase Order system.

Now, you can select multiple parts at the same time, rather than picking and adding them one by one. We've also added some safeguards to prevent you from ordering parts from the wrong print shop.

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